Match summary: VCD Athletic v Tonbridge Juniors Panthers in semi final of the league cup

The VCD girls battled the rainy weather last weekend on their home turf in their semi-final against Tonbridge Juniors Panthers, with team Coram rooting them on from the side-lines. The…

The VCD girls battled the rainy weather last weekend on their home turf in their semi-final against Tonbridge Juniors Panthers, with team Coram rooting them on from the side-lines. The girls did incredibly well, defeating the Panthers 8-1! They even took some time at the end to sign some shirts for us.

On 26th March 2023 we played in a semi-final against Tonbridge Juniors Panthers in the league cup. Temperature was on the good side with tiny bits of rain.  

My teammates started this game really well and we were able to score our first goal of the match by Ava in the 6th minute. The shot was really well placed with pressure at the edge of the box. This gave the team a bit of confidence which made our passing very composed. The game went on to the 20th minute with us missing a few chances.  

As the team deserved after ¼ of the game gone we managed to score a second goal in the 22nd minute by Taylor and she followed it by our third goal in the 26th minute. Taylor’s first goal was really well worked by getting it down the line to Ava and an amazing cross followed, which Taylor was able to control nicely with composure and then smashed it in the back of the net. For Taylor’s second goal Deborah made a perfect pass in between the midfield and defense which put Talyor in a 1v1 vs the keeper as she was able to overrun the defense and not to be called offside. She took the opportunity and scored with a strong right foot.  

Now leading 3-0 our team was very confident with the passing, tackling and we didn’t give Tonbridge any opportunities. In the 37th minute we managed another opportunity with Esme taking care of the right wing overrunning the defender and then managing to make a great shot into the back of the net, making it 4-0 just before half time approached.  

We reached half-time really happy with our performance. 

In the 44th minute Deborah was able to do one of her trademark runs past a few players with brilliant close ball control and exceptional dribbling which followed a shot in the bottom right corner. This made the score 5-0. 

We came out for the second half firing but this gave the other team some space and they were able to nick a goal by a very quick attack with a long ball to their number 9 around the 50th minute, which made the score 5-1.  

In the 55th minute after good passing in the midfield by Abi, Deborah and Bianca, Deborah ended up in a really good shooting position as expected of her she smashed it in the top right corner by the time given to her by the opponents. This made the result 6-1. 

Fully in control the game went on with some really good passing and overlapping with the midfield and striker. Some really good passing from defense to midfield to attack with Christabel holding up the ball really well the team was able to master another chance for Bianca that she just went wide of the post. A minute or two later another opportunity was presented for Bianca and this time she didn’t disappoint with a long range bullet in the top of the net. This made the result 7-1. 

As the game went on our manager moved Sacha from defense to midfield which just a few minutes after it gave Sacha an opportunity to make a run from midfield which resulted in a brilliant goal. Which made the final score 8-1.  

Our team was very pleased with our performance today and the amount of goal scoring opportunities we were able to create and not concede many openings for the oppositions to score many goals. Our overall team performance was really pleasing to watch and we are really happy that the hard work at the training ground paid off today.  

Thank you to all our supporters (mums,dads), special guests, groundsmen for keeping the pitch in a very good condition, and last but not least a huge thank you to our manager and coaches. Also a special thanks to our sponsors, Coram Chambers who came to support us! It was really nice to meet you and your two daughters, Hudson.

Manager’s Player of the Match: Bianca 

Opposition’s Player of the Match: Deborah